Lindsay LeBlanc

Lindsay LeBlanc

Phone: 780-492-6562
Office: 3-207 Centennial Centre for Interdisc Science
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2R3


Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
Postdoctoral fellow (2010-2013), Joint Quantum Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Maryland
Ph.D. Physics (2011), University of Toronto
M.Sc. Physics (2005), University of Toronto
B.Sc. Engineering Physics (2003), University of Alberta

Research interests:

Quantum gases of ultracold atoms are well-suited to address fundamental quantum physics questions, using established atomic physics techniques for control, manipulation, and measurement. Through a combination of laser cooling, optical trapping, and magnetic field control, we can engineer systems that mimic other physical systems, especially those found in condensed matter, and use the principles of quantum simulation to study phenomena that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to explore.

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Selected publications:

Direct observation of Zitterbewegung in a Bose-Einstein condensate
L. J. LeBlanc, M. C. Beeler, K. Jiménez-García, A. R. Perry, S. Sugawa, R. A. Williams, and I. B. Spielman.

Observation of a superfluid Hall effect, L. J. LeBlanc, K. Jiménez-García, R. A. Williams, M. C. Beeler, A. R. Perry, W. D. Phillips, and I. B. Spielman. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109, 10811 (2012).

Peierls substitution in an Engineered Lattice Potential, K. Jiménez-García, L. J. LeBlanc, R. A. Williams, M. C. Beeler, A. R. Perry, and I. B. Spielman. Physical Review Letters 108, 225303 (2012).

Synthetic Partial Waves in Ultracold Atomic Collisions, R. A. Williams, L. J. LeBlanc, K. Jiménez-García, M. C. Beeler, A. R. Perry, W. D. Phillips, and I. B. Spielman. Science 335, 314 (2012).

Dynamics of a tunable superfluid junction, L. J. LeBlanc, A.B. Bardon, J. McKeever, M. H. T. Extavour, J. H. Thywissen, F. Piazza, and A. Smerzi. Physical Review Letters, 106, 025302 (2011).

Repulsive Fermi gas in a harmonic trap: Ferromagnetism and spin textures. L. J. LeBlanc, J. H. Thywissen, A. Burkov, and A. Paramekanti, Physical Review A 80, 013607 (2009).

Species-specific optical lattices. L. J. LeBlanc and J. H. Thywissen, Physical Review A 75, 053612 (2007).