Erik Rosolowsky

Erik Rosolowsky

Assistant Professor

Phone: 780-492-9272
Department: Physics
Office: 2-115 Centennial Centre for Interdisc Science
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2R3


Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, 2013-
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia (Okanagan), 2013-
Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia (Okanagan), 2008-2013
NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 2005-2007
PhD (2005) University of California Berkeley, USA
MA (2001) University of California Berkeley, USA
BA (Hons, 1998), Swarthmore College, USA

Research Interests: 

My research program focuses on understanding the connections between stellar generations in galaxies. I seek a broad understanding how matter gets recycled in the universe, from when stars die and that material mixed into the interstellar medium to where the matter forms into another generation of stars.  I regard that as the biggest missing link in understanding the evolution of the universe and the life within it.   My research uses observational data, mostly from radio and submillimetre telescopes coupled with novel algorithmic approaches to reach new discoveries.



Selected Publications:

Ellsworth-Bowers, Timothy P.; Glenn, Jason; Rosolowsky, Erik; Mairs, Steven; Evans, Neal J., II; Battersby, Cara; Ginsburg, Adam; Shirley, Yancy L.; Bally, John, "The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey. VIII. A Mid-infrared Kinematic Distance Discrimination Method" (2013) The Astrophysical Journal, 770, 39

Rosolowsky, Erik; Pineda, Jaime E.; Gao, Yu, (2011) "Minimal HCN emission from molecular clouds in M33", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 415, 1977

Rosolowsky, Erik; Dunham, Miranda K.; Ginsburg, Adam; Bradley, E. Todd; Aguirre, James; Bally, John; Battersby, Cara; Cyganowski, Claudia; Dowell, Darren; Drosback, Meredith; Evans, Neal J., II; Glenn, Jason; Harvey, Paul; Stringfellow, Guy S.; Walawender, Josh; Williams, Jonathan P.  "The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey. II. Catalog of the Image Data"  (2010) The Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 188, 123

Goodman, Alyssa A.; Rosolowsky, Erik W.; Borkin, Michelle A.; Foster, Jonathan B.; Halle, Michael; Kauffmann, Jens; Pineda, Jaime E., "A role for self-gravity at multiple length scales in the process of star formation" (2008) Nature, 457, 63

Rosolowsky, Erik; Simon, Joshua D., "The M33 Metallicity Project: Resolving the Abundance Gradient Discrepancies in M33" (2008) The Astrophysical Journal, 675, 1213