Natalia Ivanova

Assistant Professor

Phone: 780 248 1899
Email: Email Me
Department: Physics - Area: Astrophysics
Office: CCIS 2 -107
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2R3


MSc  in Astronomy & Mathematics (1995) SPbU, Russia;
PhD in Astrophysics (2003), Oxford, UK;
2001-2005 Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Astrophysics,Northwestern U., IL, USA;
2005-2009 CITA Postodoctoral Fellow, Toronto, Canada
2009-present Canada Research Chair in Astronomy & Astrophysics

Research Interests:

Theoretical studies of interacting binaries: mass transfer in binaries, common envelope evolution, stellar evolution codes, stellar hydrodynamics codes, population's studies, compact binaries in globular clusters

Selected Publications:

Woods T, Ivanova N, 2011, "Can We Trust Models for Adiabatic Mass Loss?", ApJ 739, 48

Ivanova N, Chaichenets S, 2011, "Common Envelope: Enthalpy Consideration", ApJL, 731, 36

Ivanova N et al. 2008, "Formation and evolution of compact binaries in globular clusters - II. Binaries with neutron stars", MNRAS, 386, 553  

Ivanova N et al., 2005, "The evolution of binary fractions in globular clusters", MNRAS, 358, 572

Ivanova N and Taam R., 2003 "Magnetic Braking Revisited", ApJ, 559, 516