James L. Pinfold


Phone: 780 492 2498
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Department: Physics - Area: Particle Physics
Office: CCIS 2 - 099
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2R3


BSc (Hons) Imperial College London, England (1972)

Associateship of the Royal College of Science (1972)

PhD University College London, England (1977) -
My PhD was on discovery of neutral currents (the first hard evidence for electroweak unification)  as part of  the discovery  team

Spokesman for the WA88 Experiment on the CERN PS, CERN, Switzerland (1987-1988).

Visiting Associate Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (1987 - 1992).

Spokesman of the MODAL Experiment at the Large Electron Positron Collider (LEP), CERN, Switzerland  (1987-1992)

Associate Professor of Physics, University of Alberta, Canada (1992-1996).

Spokesman for the ALTA/CANALTA/NALTA Collaboration, Canada and the US (1995- )

Director of the Centre for Subatomic Research, University of Alberta (1996 - 2005).

Professor of Physics, University of Alberta (1996 - ).

Spokesman for the MoEDAL Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) (1998 - ).

A co-spokesman for the SLIM Experiment at Mt Chacaltaya, Bolivia (1998 - )

Deputy Spokesman for ATLAS-Canada, Canada (200-2002).

Alberta Science and Technology Leadership Foundation (AsTech) Award, Alberta, 2007.

Visiting Professor of  Physics, King's College, London, England (2007-2010).

McCalla Professorship, University of Alberta (2009).

Leverhulme Foundation Award, United Kingdom (2009-2010)

Visiting Professor of Physics, King's College London, England (2012 - )


Research Interests:

A detailed description of my Reserach Interest and contributions can be found [Here]:
In summary, of my  research Interests follows :


a) I  am currently involved in  the following collider experiments; MoEDAL-LHC  (Spokesman);  ATLAS-LHC (major contributions to: Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter (HEC), Luminosity monitor (LUCID), Forward Physics project (AFP), QUARTIC (ultra precise ToF for AFP), ATLAS Upgrades,  Physics Analysis - SUSY, W/Z-physics, Exotics )

b) Previously I have been involved in the the following collider experiments:
CDF(first observation of Exclusive Physics channels); OPAL (major contributions to the  Vertex Chamber,  Tile Endcap Detector,  Higgs Search, and, search for new physics); and, MODAL (Spokesman).


a) I am spokesman for the Atlas Cosmic Muon and Exotics detector (ACME) project designed to turn ATLAS, accompanied by surface air shower array, into an underground observatory for studying  cosmic muons. This project also has outreach aspects in the area of undergraduate research.

 b) I am co-spokesman for the SLIM experiment searching for light monopoles, nuclearites, etc from the cosmos using a large area Nuclear Track Detector array deployed at high altitude on Mt Chacaltaya in Bolivia.

b) I pioneered the use of ultra large, sparse cosmic ray array networks to involve high-schools students in the excitement of fundamental research with the  ALTA project. I was spokesman for a Canada wide project CANLACT and co-spokesman for the North America wide project, NALTA.


I have explored the necessity of a synergy between collider and astroparticle physics to provide key insights in such areas as the search for dark matter and the elucidation of studies of ultra high energy cosmic ray showers.


Selected Publications:

J. L. Pinfold & L. Sibley, "Measuring the Lifetime of Trapped Sleptons Using the General Purpose LHC Detectors". Phys. Rev. D83:035021, 2011.

J. L. Pinfold, "The MoEDAL Experiment Technical Design Report", CERN-LHC-2009-006,  September 21st (2009).

J. L. Pinfold. "Searching for the magnetic monopole and other highly ionizing particles at accelerators using nuclear track detectors. " Radiat. Meas. 44:834-839, 2009.

J. L. Pinfold, "Exclusive production at the Tevatron and the LHC."  Int. J. Mod. Phys. A24:351-359, 2009.

J. L. Pinfold, "Links Between Astroparticle Physics and the LHC".  J. Phys. G31:R1-R74, 2005.

F.J Hasert, J. L. Pinfold  et al., "Search For Elastic Muon-Neutrino Electron Scattering." Phys.  Lett. B46:121-124,1973.