Don N. Page


Phone: 780 492 4129
Email: Email Me
Department: Physics - Area: Cosmology and Gravitation
Office: CCIS 3 - 121
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2R3


BA(1971) William Jewell College, USA;
MS(1972) Caltech, USA; PhD(1976) Caltech;
MA(1978) U Cambridge, UK;
Research Assistant, U Cambridge, 1976-79;
Asst. Prof., Penn State U, USA, 1979-83;
Assoc. Prof., Penn State, 1983-86;
Prof., Penn State, 1986-90;
Prof., UofA, Canada, 1990-present

Research Interests:

Cosmology and theoretical gravitational physics

Selected Publications:

Don N. Page, 1976, ``Particle Emission Rates from a Black Hole: Massless Particles from an Uncharged, Nonrotating Hole,'' Physical Review D13 (2), 198-206.

Don N.\ Page, 1980, ``Is Black-Hole Evaporation Predictable?'' Physical Review Letters 44 (5), 301-304.

S. W. Hawking and Don N. Page, 1983, ``Thermodynamics of Black Holes in Anti-de Sitter Space,'' Communications in Mathematical Physics 87 (4), 577-588.

G. W. Gibbons, H. Lu, Don N. Page, and C. N. Pope, 2005, ``The General Kerr-de Sitter Metrics in All Dimensions,'' Journal of Geometry and Physics 53 (1), 49-73.