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    UAlberta physics student lands on Mars in simulated space mission

    Public can participate in simulated Mars mission by communicating with crew member Ross Lockwood, a Physics grad student at the University of Alberta.

  2. Martyn Unsworth

    Safety measures protect Chileans in active earthquake region

    Tectonic plates may continue to shift, says University of Alberta geophysicist Martyn Unsworth.

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    Free public lecture on the diversity of supernovae

    Everyone is welcome to attend a free public lecture on March 19 by Oxford University physicist Philipp Podsiadlowski. He will discuss supernovae and their importance for the general evolution of the Universe as well as the origin of life.

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    Supervolcanos and how they could affect global food supply

    After hearing the news that the Yellowstone volcano is much larger than assumed, we asked geophysicist Martyn Unsworth about supervolcanos and their effects.

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    Satellite crowdfunding campaign lifts off

    Students appeal to the public to fund the launch of a cube satellite designed and built at the University of Alberta.

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Plasma emissions from a black hole. Image courtesy NASA.

Black Hole Burps

Why do black holes “burp” up high energy particles? University of Alberta observational astronomer Gregory Sivakoff is investigating.

play-icon.jpgHear Gregory Sivakoff on CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks (pop up player) or use this link to download an mp3.



Alternative Energy

University of Alberta geophysicst Martyn Unsworth talks about the international Helmholtz-Alberta initiative that is investigating how geothermal energy could reduce the impact of the oilsands industry.

Magnetic Monopoles

James Pinfold explains the University of Alberta-led physics experiment at CERN which could dramatically change our concepts of basic physics and lead to future technologies that right now only exist in science fiction.

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